Splitionary: Definition of Terms


Somnamscribism: Sleep-writing; having composed letters without consciousness awareness


E.g: Her confession was a product of somnamscribism: she denies all charges

(somnamscribist; somnamscribulate)

Markle’s Paradox: Actively benefiting from institutions and behaviours you simultaneously and vociferously condemn without the slightest recognition of hypocrisy

E.g. We fly around the world with royal titles to warn of the dangers of climate change and unearned privilege.

Markle’s Law: Employing “x” to eliminate “x” and bring about “y”

E.g. Only compassion can cure an insensitive world, but I must remain insensitive to others if I am to retain enough compassion to cure the insensitivity of others

Mythological Wokelore: the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of the Woke community, passed down by blue haired sherpas and angry revolutionaries, some dating back as far a 2016

E.g. The eradication of free speech is a fundamental tenet of mythological wokelore.

Sam Roffey